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“Paving the way to all aspiring Filipino-Canadian artist. Healing the world one note at a time.”


Montreal BAND-AID enjoys broad local support from Filipino Canadian artists to support fundraising initiatives in the community and help out our beloved country Philippines in times of need.


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FCAAQ & Canada Day Extravaganza 2019 made another history!

The Filipino Canadian Artist Association of Quebec in collaboration with TFC Canada (ABS CBN North America) made history in the recently concluded first edition of Canada Day Extravaganza at McKenzie Park in the Borough of CDN-NDG as thousands of people drew the biggest crowd of approximately 6K. According to community leaders and community supporters, this was the first time that McKenzie Park was filled with people from different cultural backround – having fun! 

According to Michelle Varga-Lao, Founding President of FCAAQ, she met with CDN/NDG Borough events officials for an after event consultation. They discussed what has transpired during the event and what could be improve for its 2nd edition next year. Altogether, she mentioned that since it was her second time organizing Canada Day celebration but it’s her first time seeing such big event with the biggest turnout – to date! She also said that, she’s very happy that after her meeting with the CDN/NDG Events Team to inform the public that she passed the borough requirements. She mentioned that there are some minor things that needs reorganization but she’s confident to say that with the grace of God, support of the community, and hard work, next years edition will be as succesful as the first – if not, better!

This initiative is made possible by The Filipino Channel (ABS CBN), a collaboration between the Municipality of Cote-de-Neiges and Notre-dame-de-Grace. Cette initiative est rendue possible par le canal philippin (ABS CBN), une collaboration entre la municipalité de Côte-de-Neiges et Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

FCAAQ Made History 2017!

The 1st Multicultural Canada Day @ Vanhorne Park to date!

The Filipino Canadian Artist Association of Québec (FCAAQ) in collaboration with Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi CDN/MontRoyal organized the 1st Multicultural Canada Day to date! The crowd gather on a rainy day at Vanhorne Park and hundreds came to celebrate Canada’s 150th. The Philippine Cordillera Cultural Association of Montreal performed a dance ritual to stop the rain followed by an opening prayer performed by the City Church Creative Team & Panday Tinig Ensemble sang the Canadian Anthem. LoveMontreal sponsored 5 inflatables with freebies for kids. Otago Catering prepared sumptuous and affordable food. Checkers provided various flavored coffee for free, Fiesta Filipino donated baked goodies, FCAAQ momshies and dads prepared lunch for volunteers and Primerica gave away free water bottles to everyone. The Honorable Pierre Arcand, Member of the National Assembly of Quebec for the provincial riding of Mont-Royal in the Island of Montreal, Mr. David Birnbaum, Member of the National Assembly of Quebec for D’Arcy-McGee, Mr. Russell Copeman, Mayor of CDN/NDG and Mr. Siegfrid T. Masangkay, Third Secretary & Vice Consul greeted the crowd. Despite the rain, the crowd participated in games with prizes donated by Isles Pinoy Depot, Junior Filipino Restaurant, Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi, Marche Filipino and Sun Life Financial c/o Jacinta Panganiban. Back-to-back performances by Ingrid Torrico, The Filipino Indigenous People of Quebec, Matthew Mannucci, Arianne Soriano & Chris Elamparo, John Bunga, Funk/Jazz band Under Our Groove, La Voix Junior, Zumba Community of Montreal, Kevin & Kier Javier, Jessica Jane Quiocho, Frozen Flame, RX3, Candace & Aldy Santos, Kirsten Gail Calma, Jodelle Peralta-Gagaoin, Carolyn Fe, Andrew Aguilar, Rose Anne Gines, Maria Isabella Caci and Strums entertained the crowd until 8PM. #fcaaq #alliance150#canadaday #singing #montreal #diversity #canada150 The Search for Filipino Canadian Talent


The Search for Filipino Canadian Talent was an amazing experience. It was tough and stressful at times but I’d do it all over again. Joining this competition taught me so much about my capability as an artist and just how far I can go. Because of this contest, the workshops, and the training, I’ve grown a lot as an artist. I won’t say that it was smooth sailing during this competition, the mentors gave some tough love and that was simply to show you and help you step out of your comfort zone and try. I’ve learned that everything comes with practice, every day even for just an hour and you can really see an improvement. What’s next for me? Well because of Ate Michelle the amazing voice coach and mentor, I’ve been able to perform at multiple events, such as benefit concerts. This also inspired me to create my own music and compose my own songs, that I’ll eventually perform when given the opportunity. Moving forward I still am working on growing as an artist, this is still the path I want to take. This is a dream that is slowly but surely turning into reality. I was a shy kid who loved to sing but was too scared to try. Now I still love to sing but I am more confident in myself and I am unique in my own way. Just enjoy the experience and love what you do because no one is going to decide what you’re going to be. You are the writer and honestly, my story has just begun. “When you join FCAAQ Talent Search, you don’t just join a competition, you join a family.” 

Maria Calaycay

FCAAQ Ambassador - Season 1

I really recommend joining The Search for Filipino-Canadian Talent because not only it is a great experience, made new friends, you join basically a family. You will improve as an artist, I didn’t expect it to be this way, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Maria Isabella Caci

FCAAQ Talent Search Grand Winner - Season 2

Joining  FCAAQ was such a fun and great experience for me. Ever since this competition happened, my confidence on stage as well as singing in different venues increased with the help of my voice coach & mentor, Michelle Lao, and the workshops they provided me.       The competition really helped me in improving my piano and singing skills. During my entire journey, I learned that what really matters is you should not be afraid to step on stage, rather show and prove the world you have what it takes.

Lara Portacio

FCAAQ Talent Search 1st runner up - Season 1

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