About Us

The Filipino Canadian Artists Association of Québec (FCAAQ) is a non-profit organization representing talented Filipino-Canadian actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and artists alike. In the past, we have helped aspiring artists participate in singing & dance competitions, gain first on-stage appearances and benefit experience from our coaching & mentorship programs. FCAAQ, have helped raise funds for various organizations & initiatives in our community. Today, we are currently in the initial stages of preparing for the 3rd year of “The Search for Filipino Canadian Talent,” the first-and-only “talent competition” dedicated to introducing aspiring Filipino-Canadian artists. The competition is open to talented Filipino-Canadians aged 7 to 77, showcasing their talents in singing, dancing, acrobatics etc. (solo, duo, trio, quartet, maximum 5 member in a group.) 

Montreal Band-Aid

Montreal Band-Aid is our way to give back to the community. Since 2008, we have helped  various community organization during their fundraising initiatives. We raised funds and donated large portion of our proceeds to various community initiatives or charities in Canada and Philippines.

Our trained staff (volunteers/artists) gather to prepare a musical event wherein family, friends and members of the community are invited to a day or night of brotherhood, fun & entertainment. Portion of the proceeds is donated to chosen initiatives & charities.

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

I am proud and honoured to have been given the opportunity to lead such talented and passionate individuals. I will do my very best to discover genuine artists, mold them into great gems, and later turn them into treasures where they will shine and glow for the entire world to see.

Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!

Michelle Vargas Lao

Founding President / Chairman, FCAAQ.ORG

Our Main Office

Filipino Canadian Artist
Association of Québec

Association Philippine Canadienne
Artistes du Québec

2525 Cavendish Boulevard Suite 219 Montreal QC H4B 2Y6 CANADA

Phone:     +1.514.482.5206

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